The affordable "Blue Electricity":

  • A cleaner energy choice over other fossil fuels1
  • Supports a vital Texas industry and a stronger Texas economy2

How True Blue works for you:

When you buy electricity through the True Blue Texas Plan, you're asking us to supply electricity from 100% Texas Natural Gas into the Texas Power Grid for every kilowatt–hour you use. As a True Blue customer, you'll continue using electricity from the Texas Power Grid as always. However, Direct Energy will replenish each Kilowatt–hour you use with an equal amount of electricity that's created by a combined–cycle turbine plant using Texas–sourced natural gas.

Direct Energy has purchase and transport agreements with Texas natural–gas suppliers to ensure the corresponding amounts of Texas natural gas are used to offset each Kilowatt–hour of electricity consumed by True Blue Texas Plan customers.

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1When compared to other fossil fuels such as coal and oil, natural gas burns cleaner with fewer emissions. US EPA

2According to an IHS Global Insight study, the natural gas industry directly and indirectly contributed to 12% of total employment in Texas, which represented nearly 1.3 million jobs. Additionally, natural gas has contributed more than $100 billion to the Texas economy through product sales, royalties and taxes. (IHS Global Insight, 2009)