Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
get a stable price
on dual fuel.
Relax, your price
is still the same.
You're not gonna believe it,
but your price is still the same.

Guaranteed 10% savings off the lowest RRO electricity rate**

Did you know that on average regulated electricity rates have increased over 50% in the last month?* As a resident of Alberta, you have the right to choose your natural gas and electricity provider, but picking the right one can be tougher than you think. That's why Direct Energy makes this decision simple with our great 3-year Super Flex Plus Dual Fuel Price Plan. There are no exit fees and it will protect you against possible price increases.

Here are three key reasons to make it easier for you to choose Direct Energy:

1. Guaranteed 10% savings off the lowest electricity regulated rate**

  • An introductory price that is 10% lower than the lowest regulated rate for the first 6 months of the contract - Guaranteed!
  • Electricity price of 8.59 cents/kWh for the remainder of the term.

2. Protect yourself during the winter with our natural gas option***

  • A flexible price that floats with the current natural gas market plus $2.00/GJ.
  • Have the security of a winter cap and pay no more than $5.99/GJ for your natural gas!

3. Direct Energy gives you convenience and control with no exit fees

  • One bill for your Electricity and Natural Gas service.
  • Multiple payment options including E-post billing or pre-authorized payment.
  • 50% savings on Direct Energy administration fees.+