Introducing our new Refer-a-Friend referral program. Now, when you turn a friend on to Direct Energy, you'll earn rewards that just keep on giving! And every friend who signs up will get up to a $60 bill credit on their first bill.


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What is Refer-a-Friend?
Refer-a-Friend is Direct Energy's customer referral program. Turn your friends on to Direct Energy, and you'll earn bill credits for each customer you refer. And unlike the other programs, there's no limit to how the number of friends you can refer. With Refer-a-Friend your friends win, too, with a bill credit on their first bill when they enroll with Direct Energy. Giving great rewards for referrals is just one more way we put customers first.
What do I have to do to be able to participate? What do I need to get started?
To participate and start earning rewards, you just need to be an active Direct Energy customer and have your Referral ID. You can find your Referral ID right below your account number on the front of your Direct Energy bill. Go to to log in and get set up. If you are enrolled in Online Account Manager, just click on the link that says "Go to the Refer A Friend program".
How does it work?
It's super easy. You tell your friends and family how much you love Direct Energy and suggest that they join. When they become customers (give them your Referral ID), they’ll get a $25 or $60 bill credit depending on the plan they enroll on just for joining. You’ll receive up to $50.00 bill credit for each friend who signs up.
How do I refer people?
We give you a free online portal that makes it easy to recommend Direct Energy. You can send emails and upload ready-made posts on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to refer friends and family to Direct Energy. Each email and post will link to your own personal landing page. When your friend or family member clicks on the link, visits your landing page and enrolls with Direct Energy, their enrollment will be tracked and credited to your account. And unlike other programs, your friends and family can use your Referral ID to enroll over the phone, too.
What do I need to get started?
As a Direct Energy customer, you're already signed up and ready to go. All you need to get started is your Referral ID, which you'll find in the upper right hand corner of your bill just under your Direct Energy account number.
How much time does it take to get started?
Barely any time at all. If you're already a customer, you can begin referring and earning your rewards right away. Just log on to the Refer-a-Friend home page and start sending emails to your friends and family. If you're not a customer, what are you waiting for? You can start referring right after your account is activated.
What's my Referral ID?

Your Referral ID is a unique tracking number that connects your Direct Energy account to your Refer-a-Friend home page. You can find your Referral ID in the upper right hand corner of your bill just under your Direct Energy account number. The Referral ID is used in the URL (web address) of your personal landing page for online communications. You can also give it to friends and family to use to enroll over the phone.

Do I need to use my Referral ID to make a referral?
Yes. We use your Referral ID to track and give you credit for the referrals you make. When you use your personalized landing page or send an email to friends using the email tool, your Referral ID is included in the link. When your friends click on it to enroll with us, the enrollment will be matched to your ID. If your friend signs up over the phone, be sure they give your Referral ID to the customer service representative. The representative will use it to match your friend to your account. Using your Referral ID ensures you get the rewards you have earned.
Do I have to have Online Account Manager to start referring friends to Direct Energy?
No, but why wouldn't you? If you haven't signed up for Online Account Manager, you're missing out on benefits like tracking your electricity use and setting up automatic bill payments. It only takes a few minutes to set up your ID. To get started, visit If you are not enrolled in Online Account Manager, you can log on to the Refer-a-Friend home page directly from
Who can participate?
Any Direct Energy residential customer in good standing. Employees of Direct Energy, its agencies and vendors, parent and affiliates are NOT eligible.
Do I have to be a customer?
Yes. With Refer-a-Friend, we give you rewards in the form of bill credits. So in order to participate and get referral rewards, you must be a Direct Energy customer. If you're not a customer, what are you waiting for?
I just became a Direct Energy customer. How long do I have to wait before I can begin referring people?
You can start referring as soon as your Direct Energy account status is active—usually 3-5 days after your enrollment.
What incentive do I get for referring someone to Direct Energy? How much are commissions? How much do I get for referrals?
The amount of your referral bill credit depends on how many customers you refer. You get a $50 bill credit for each customer you refer that successfully completes an enrollment and remains active with Direct Energy. When the customer signs up they will recieve a $50 bill credit on their secondt bill. Plus, unlike other providers who cap incentives, with Direct Energy, there's no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
Can I refer any friend or family member who lives in Texas?
To earn bill credit rewards for your referral, the friend or family member you refer must live in a deregulated electricity area and you must refer them according to the terms and conditions of the Refer-a-Friend program.
Are there any start-up fees or other costs?
No. There are no start-up fees or other "investment" costs to refer customers to Direct Energy using Refer-a-Friend. Just get your Referral ID from your bill, login into the Refer-a-Friend portal at, and start referring. It's that easy. And Direct Energy's unique online portal makes it easy to refer customers, track results, and more.
Is this a get-rich-quick scheme?
Not at all. Direct Energy does not condone get-rich-quick schemes and would never sponsor one. Refer-a-Friend is simply a way to reward our customers who refer their friends and family to Direct Energy. As the saying goes, there's no better advertising than word of mouth advertising. A recommendation is a true sign of appreciation. We appreciate the trust customers put in us, and we want to reward them for their enthusiasm and loyalty.
How much money can I earn?
You will receive a $50.00 bill credit for each customer. You can recommend as many customers as you like. And while others limit rewards to $600 a year, we’ll take the time to process and send you a Form 1099-Misc tax form for you to use when filing taxes if you exceed that amount.
How will I get paid?
With Refer-a-Friend, there are no hassles with setting up accounts or waiting on checks for your payment. That's because each month, we directly credit your electricity bill with your referral rewards as your referred customers pay their bills. You can use your Referral ID to track your referrals and rewards, check on the performance of your emails and other online marketing, and more all from your very own personal Referral Home Page.
When do I get my bill credits?
You'll receive your bill credit once the customer you refer is an active Direct Energy customer and pays his or her first bill. If you earn more than the amount of your monthly bill, the overpayment will go into a credit that will be applied to your account the next billing cycle.div>
How do I see my referrals and commissions?
You can track your referrals and rewards on your personal Refer-a-Friend home page. There you'll be able to keep track of your rewards, check on how many new referrals you have, and even check on the number of clicks you're getting from your efforts.
Am I going to get taxed on these bill credits? Do I need to report these bill credits as income for Federal Income Tax purposes?
You should check with a tax advisor regarding your specific tax-filing situation. If the total amount of your bill credits is more than $600, we'll send you a Form 1099-Misc tax form in January for processing with your Federal Income Tax return and any state or local income tax returns you may be required to file.
How does the Personalized Landing Page work?
As a Direct Energy customer participating in Refer-a-Friend, you get your very own landing page with a unique URL that includes your Referral ID. You can customize your personal landing page with your own personal message, pictures and links. You should direct all your referral emails and posts, to your landing page to ensure you get credit for online referral enrollments.
Can I refer friends and family using an email that I write and send myself?
Sure. Although we make it easy to send email messages from your online portal, so it's as easy as hitting "send".
What are "cookies" and why do I need them?
In the online world, a cookie is a really small text file that companies use to store information and keep track of stuff as you use certain websites. For example, when you tell a shopping site to "remember your shipping address," your information is being stored on your hard drive as a cookie for that site. Our Website uses cookies to match you to your referrals. To make sure you get credit for your referrals, please keep "cookies enabled" on your Web browser. While every browser is different, these settings are usually found under the Security tab.
Do I have to have a website?
No. You don't need a website, and we even give you access to a variety of online referral tools including a personalized Refer-a-Friend landing page. Use Facebook or Twitter or send your own emails with links to your personal Refer-a-Friend landing page or just work from the Refer-a-Friend Home Page to send emails to friends and family. Whichever way you choose to refer, you'll have your own personalized landing page with Referral ID for your friends and family to use when they enroll with Direct Energy.
What is my unique tracking URL and where can I find it?
Your unique tracking URL is the website address of your personal Refer-a-Friend landing page. It's, where the '#####' is your Refer-a-Friend Referral ID. Your tracking URL is tied to your Direct Energy account. You give that URL to friends and family to use when they enroll with Direct Energy. The Referral ID is used to track and give you credit for the enrollment. Your Referral ID is part of your personal landing page so when your referrals enroll using your landing page, you'll be sure to get credit. Click here to learn more about setting up your unique landing page.
Can I direct my referrals to any page on
You probably don't want to do this. In order to receive credit for a referral, the friends and family you refer must sign up using your Referral ID. If you direct them to enroll online, you should send them to your personal landing page. That way, when they sign up, you'll be sure to get credit. You can always direct them to go to certain pages on our site once they complete their enrollment using your personalized landing page.
I referred someone, but they did not use my Referral ID, can I still get a commission?
Unfortunately, to track and award commissions (rewards) the enrolling customer must use your Referral ID at the time of enrollment. We believe it keeps things fair for other Refer-a-Friend members.
How do I retrieve my lost password?
Both your Referral ID and initial password can be found on your Direct Energy monthly bill. Your initial password is the last five digits of your account number. Or, you can request a password reset at
Who can I contact for help?
We want to make sure you have what you need to be successful so, if you have any questions or suggestions or have any problems logging in or questions please contact us at (888) 305-3828.
What are some of the do's and don'ts for referring my friends?
DO use your favorite social media sites to promote the program and make referrals! We've created ready-made messages to make things easy for you.
DON'T place program marketing materials on websites with objectionable content.
DO email only the people you know.
DON'T purchase email lists and use them to promote your program. Referral programs work best when the people who are referred know the person doing the referring. Besides that, you could find yourself in trouble if you violate CAN-SPAN rules.
DO always give people your Referral ID or personalize landing page when making referrals to ensure you get credit for your referral.
DON'T type it wrong, or you won't get credit!
DO have fun with the Refer-a-Friend referral program from Direct Energy!
DON'T mess with our website or change any materials that promote Refer-a-Friend program. Doing so will mean you can't participate in the program.