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It pays to know we can help with incentives and rebates to save you money.

Your investment in commercial heating, cooling and water heating equipment is a big one. When you make the decision to upgrade to high efficiency equipment, we will help you identify any Provincial and Federal Government energy rebates that you may qualify for, provide the required forms, and offer our expert guidance on submitting the application(s) to ensure you receive the maximum allowable rebate. Our Energy Management Consultants are trained to determine what savings you may be entitled to.

With a variety of incentive programs available, we work closely with Enbridge, Union Gas, the Ontario Power Authority, as well as Federal and Provincial Governments so that you can receive the maximum benefit. There is also the potential for additional energy savings with our Energy Audits. These are comprehensive, full building audits that target more efficient energy use.

To learn more about energy rebates for business, or how our energy audits can save you money, please call 1-855-321-1508 and speak to our energy experts today.

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