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Introducing the new blue bill from Direct Energy

Have questions about the new blue bill from Direct Energy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find simple answers to some frequently asked questions.
Old Bill New Bill
Why did you make the bill blue? When does the change take effect?
The absence of the orange arc and the new blue colour make the bill easier to read, copy and fax. Plus, the new colour will help it stand out, so you’ll be able to recognize your Direct Energy bill even at a glance. Our bills will be turning blue on July 26th, 2007.
Did my plan change? Did the company change?
No, nothing about your plan changed except the colour of the paper we use to print our bills and our logo. No, but our name did change. Instead of Direct Energy Essential Services, we are now known simply as Direct Energy. Nothing besides the name changed.
Why did the name change? What do I need to do?
Direct Energy has customers across Canada and we felt it was important to have a consistent name nation-wide. Absolutely nothing. Only the look of your bill and our company name has changed, so there’s nothing you need to do.
I still have concerns. Is there someone I can talk to?
Of course. You can always call us when you have questions. You can reach us at 1-866-374-6299.
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