Direct Energy® & Energy Star Partner

Direct Energy® & Energy Star Partner

Available training classes:

  • HERS - Home Energy Raters
  • HERS - Field Inspectors
  • Green Building Verification
  • Energy Code Certification
  • Energy Star 2011 - Rater Quality Assurance Checklists

Trainer Experience

  • Our trainers all have hands-on experience in construction, inspections, HERS ratings, comprehensive home energy audits, and green building verification. This experience allows our trainers to understand the daily challenges faced by raters, verifiers, and inspectors and helps them to prepare students for real-life in-the-field situations.

Direct Energy's training courses educate students in:

  • Building Codes
  • Green Building Science
  • Construction Best Building Practices
  • Energy Ratings
  • Analyzing Houses as a Complete System

Courses include both classroom and field instruction. This split type of training is valuable to our students' understanding of building codes, green building practices, rating software, diagnostic equipment, and the laws of thermo-dynamics. Using proven training techniques, our courses provide students with the knowledge base and necessary skills needed to pass national certification tests. Courses range from one to seven days in length.

Register today for a training class and advance your career in energy ratings and inspections! To register or to get more information, please call 214-796-9931 or send an email to

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