Direct Energy® & Energy Star Partner

Direct Energy® & Energy Star Partner


Hers Provider

Direct Energy is a RESNET accredited HERS Provider. We provide technical support and marketing assistance to our associate raters in addition to the RESNET required reviews of rating files. We charge an annual fee and per rating fee based upon the cost of providing service to each individual rater or rating organization.

Rater Benefits

  • REMrate Software
  • Two Quality Assurance Designees on staff
  • Rater Technical Assistance
  • Rater Quality Control
  • 100% Review of Rater's Building Files
  • 1% Review of Rater's Field Rating Files
  • Tracking of RESNET Continuing Education Units
  • Business Support and Consultation

Direct Energy's goal is to provide the best and most comprehensive service in the industry to our rater partners. We view the rater-partner relationship as a team effort and are always looking for ways to make it better.

Contact Direct Energy to assist you and your company with all of your HERS provider needs. Join the Direct Energy family of associate raters today! For more information or questions please call 214-796-9931 or send an email to

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